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Workshops – Business cases – Role plays – Simulation – Gamification

Training is an investment in people aimed to increase awareness, improve skills or expand knowledge. We carefully listen to your objectives and assess the background of the intended participants. Content and delivery will then be tailored to the audience in your specific situation. We align with you in advance on the required learning outcomes and make clear how these will be achieved.

All our trainings are well structured and fun to attend. They usually are highly interactive and contain a mixture of class room teaching, group and individual assignments. We often include role plays, games and business simulations to help learning through experiencing. We ensure relevance and urgency by using examples and cases specific to your organization. Our trainings above all deliver lasting results that meet your learning objectives.

SOLIDIFY has experience designing and executing short workshops and multi-day trainings for groups ranging in size from 10 to 75 people. We have delivered training to a large variety of audiences in multiple geographies across the world. Previous topics include customer centric thinking, consultative selling, value proposition development, sales processes, team collaboration, and supply chain management.

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Project management – Advisory – Facilitation

Balancing customer promises with profitable execution can be a challenge. Customers are looking for compelling reasons to buy. Developing an attractive value proposition can be difficult. You may want to meet their specific needs, but you can usually allow only limited influence on the way you operate. And steps in your current processes may seem logical to you, but do they add value to your customers?

SOLIDIFY combines key principles of customer centricity and supply chain management to help improve your value propositions, whilst maintaining  operational efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. We help orchestrate complex consultative sales pursuits. We facilitate team sessions and workshops to identify improvement opportunities for eliminating waste and increasing performance of your value chains.

Our experience mainly lies in the business-to-business environment. We have supported and lead tender replies and international team sales pursuits. We also managed supply chain improvement and implementation projects. Our facilitated meetings and workshops have resulted in concrete and supported action plans.

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Curriculum design – Course development and execution – Talent and Leadership programs

In the past someone’s study degree or previous work experience would provide sufficient knowledge and skills for continued success. Today’s shrinking and fast paced world requires us however to constantly adapt to changing circumstances. We need to embrace the concept of continuous life-long learning.

SOLIDIFY supports the design and execution of learning modules and programs that help students to be ready for the start of their career. We advise on and develop up-to-date content in the areas of customer centricity, logistics and supply chain management. We also deliver courses and coach students.

Many organizations offer employees possibilities to obtain and enhance specific knowledge and skills. We can help with courses in the fields of customer centricity, logistics and supply chain management. Organizations also setup talent and leadership programs for career development and succession planning. SOLIDIFY helps design, organize and execute such programs or the individual modules within.

We acknowledge that individual learning styles differ depending on personal and cultural preferences. Our teaching methods therefore typically consist of a combination of conceptualization, active experiencing, retrospective reflection, and concluding for future application. Yet most importantly we always offer a safe environment.

SOLIDIFY holds a formal didactic qualification for vocational training. Previous experience mainly lies in the fields of logistics and supply chain management on bachelor and master level. We have also regularly supported student internships and thesis projects.

Why choose SOLIDIFY?
  • SOLIDIFY combines customer centricity and supply chain management.This results in a holistic value chain approach across your entire journey to customer satisfaction. We enable you to balance compelling customer promises with profitable execution.
  • SOLIDIFY is pragmatic and down-to-earth.We typically build on the knowledge, ideas and experience that already exists in your organization, but which may not yet be fully recognized or used to their maximum potential. Our approach is tailored to meet your specific situation.
  • SOLIDIFY is results oriented.We do not apply a hit-and-run approach. Instead, we first want to listen and fully understand your needs, and then adjust our support to meet your specific objectives. We stay with you until you recognize the results.
  • SOLIDIFY delivers high impact.We apply a unique combination of past experiences. We have hands-on experience in both front-end sales & marketing and back-end delivery in a range of industries. We merge consulting, company training and vocational teaching experience with business practice.
  • SOLIDIFY is agile.We consider our boutique size to be our strength. Your needs are leading. We are flexible to adjust content and approach, and can reach out to a network of support partners if needed. We can make fast decisions and are happy to serve you anywhere in the world.