Building your customer centric culture
Outside-in mentality – Lifetime value – Eliminating friction

Do you know who is the customer at the end of your value chain? You may deliver a product bought on-line by a consumer, or support a satisfied patient receive the required treatment. You may help travelers receive the latest timetable updates on their mobile device, or help a board of directors get the best advice for an investment decision. In each case you are ultimately serving an external or internal customer. Do you know what they want and why they want this? What makes them happy?

Happy customers usually are loyal customers. Most organizations need to adapt to increasing customer influence. Yet different customers have different and changing needs over time. Equally customers’ professional expectations are influenced by private life experiences. Many successful disrupting start-up companies are obsessed with providing their customers a better experience. And more and more organizations feel the need to re-calibrate the level of customer centricity they apply.

Striving for happy customers is easier when everybody in your organization is aware that they all influence the customer experience, regardless of their role. It’s about having a customer centric culture and making the processes and tools available that enable cross-functional collaboration. It is also about eliminating anything that does not add value to your customers.

Such approach shall be applied throughout the customer life cycle. It starts with a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and their buying behavior during the sales process. This allows you to offer something truly attractive. And when delivering your products or services as promised, you shall continuously seek ways to simplify and improve. Organizing pro-active, fast and effective customer service support usually results in loyal customers who typically become your best sales agents.

SOLIDIFY can help your organization think from the outside in and put the customer at the center of anything you do. We help building a customer centric culture and help you decide on organizing roles and responsibilities. We also help you identify, and eliminate or improve steps in your value chains which don’t add value to your customers.

How may SOLIDIFY help you?
  • Customer centricity
  • Outside-in thinking
  • Consultative selling
  • Value propositioning
  • Network thinking
  • Team collaboration
  • Management games
  • Business games
  • Roleplays
  • Client decoupling point setting
  • Supply chain blueprinting
  • Value proposition development
  • Value proposition health check
  • Sales pursuit orchestration
  • Team coaching
  • Value stream mapping
  • Organizational design
  • Workshop & meeting facilitation
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Business cases
  • Talent programs
  • Module & curriculum design