SOLIDIFY combines the principles of customer centricity and supply chain management to help you increase sales win rates, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

A seamless customer experience usually is the outcome of a journey. It starts by having a deep understanding of what your customer is looking for and why. Next is your conscious commitment to what can be achieved. Finally you shall deliver exactly as promised. We help you making and keeping your customer promises. We provide training, consulting and education for:

  • Thinking outside-in and putting the customer at the center of anything you do.
  • Deciding on the required level of customer centricity in your go-to-market approach.
  • Developing compelling value propositions that focus on your customers’ reasons to buy.
  • Aligning your network of activities to deliver the promised customer experience.
Solidify training


SOLIDIFY designs and executes short workshops and multi-day trainings for groups and individuals. We tailor content and delivery to your needs and to the audience you want to be trained. We align with you in advance on the relevant learning objectives and make clear how these will be achieved. All our trainings are well structured and fun to attend. They above all deliver lasting results that meet your learning objectives.

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Solidify consulting


SOLIDIFY manages projects and offers advise on how to align and balance your back-end operations with your front-end customer promises. We help improve your value propositions, and increase  your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We can facilitate sales pursuits and team sessions. Our core expertise includes customer centric thinking, value proposition development, consultative selling, and logistics & supply chain management.

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Solidify education


SOLIDIFY develops and delivers in-company learning programs and modules. We also design and execute curricula and courses for students at vocational and academic institutes. We coach talent and support lecturing and speaking opportunities. Our focus is teaching in the field of logistics & supply chain management; and facilitation of your transformational change by increasing awareness of the need for customer centric thinking.

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